Notice of Town Meeting
May 12, 2016
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Notice of Town Office Closed
May 12, 2016
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Town Office will be closed April 14- April 18, will re-open April 19, regular hours.
Apr 13, 2016
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Counties of Greensville and Sussex

     Incorporated by Order of the Circuit Court of Sussex County, June 20, 1938 (Common Law Order Book 10, p 339)

    This day came J. H. Batte, R.E. Jarratt, T.F. Jarratt, W.B. Owen, Susie F. Jarratt, Elvira Miller, J,H, Velvin, T.W. Parson, O.O. Reaman, J. M. Browder, T.E. Reese, C.C. Ivey, H.D. Harrup, Mrs W.E. Lemon, C.P. Brown, H.L. Wheeler, J.D. Brown, W.A. Grigg, Mrs. B.K. Spiers, J.F. Batte, M.E. Brown, W.T. Harrison, Kathleen S. Harrison, R.L. Burrus and H.F. Hamilton, Jr., and presented, in open Coirth their petition, praying for the incorporation of the unincorporated Town, or thickly settled community of Jarratt, which is situated partly in the County of Sussex, Virginia and partly in the County of Greensville, Virginia, by and under the name of the Town of Jarratt, as provided by, and under and in pursuance of, Section 2881 of Michie's Virginia Code of 1936; praying that the metes and bounds of said town he designated and declared to be a body politic and corporate, and vested with all the powers, priviledges and duties conferred upon and appertaining to towns under the general law of the State of Virginia, and for general relief.

     And, it appearing to the Court from an inspection of said peition, that the same is signed by more than twenty (20) qualified voters of the said unincorporated town, or thickly settled community, who reside within the  limits of the said proposed incorporated town, as described by the said metes and bounds, as set out in said petition, and hereinafter again set forth, and it being legally shown to the Court, by proof satisfactory to the Court, that the said peition, with like oticed attached, has been posted at the front door of the Court House of the saud County of Sussex for four weeks; the said County of Sussex, Virginia, being in the County in which the greater part of said proposed incorporated town is situated;

     And it being made further to appear to the Court, by proof satisfactory to the Court, and the Court being satisfied that it will be to the interest of the inhabitants of said proposed Town; that the prayer of the said petition is reasonable; that the general good of the community will be promoted; that the number of the inhabitants of the said town exceeds two hundred and does not exceed five thousand (5000), and that the area of land designed to be embraced within the town in (is) not excessive, the Court doth order and decree and here enter upon the law order book of said Court;

     First: That the unincorporated Town of Jarratt, situated in the Counties of Sussex and Greensville Virginia, be the same is hereby, incorporated by and in pursuance of Sectoin 2881 of Michie's Virginia Code of 1936.