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Garbage and Recycling

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1. What day is the large item collected?

Large items are collected on the 2nd and last Wednesday of the month. No auto tires.

2. What size of garbage containers are allowed?

Containers and content should not weigh more than 50 lbs. No small containers are allowed.


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1. Does the Town have a curfew ordinance?

Yes, under 18.


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1. Does the Town accept credit/debit card payments?

No, we only accept, Check, Money Order, Cashier's check and Cash.

Permits and Licenses

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1. Where do I apply for zoning permits?

You can apply for zoning permits at the Town Hall.

2. Where do I purchase a business license?

Business licenses are purchased at the Town Hall.

3. How much is a zoning permit?

The charge for a zoning permit is $25.

4. How much is a business license?

The business license starts at $30.

Where are Town meetings held?